Largest Deserts In The World


DesertsDid you know there are numerous large desert around the world which are covering most of the world’s regions? Have you been to any of the desert?

Well, travel guide ideas give you accurate information on the deserts which are popular around the world. It is not possible to visit all of them due to the climate but you can surely get the information about it. Here is a list of amazing and massive deserts around the world.

  1. AntarcticaAntarctica

Antarctica is 5,500,000 square miles with being the biggest continent on earth. It is located on the South Pole with being the coldest continent. The entirety is known as a dessert with precipitation. The temperature drops to 15 degrees during the summer season. There are no residents in Antarctica due to the cold weather most of the time. The sun glares over the ice which can cause irritation to the eyes due to which people hesitate to visit there.